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One year at Swiss Post 🥳

The day after tomorrow I will have my first anniversary at Swiss Post 🕺🏻
Those of you who have been with your employer for a longer period of time might smile: but for me, it was a quite intense time which feels like more than 365 days.

Finding my way into one of Switzerland’s biggest tech employers was an adventure on its own: I had a pretty challenging time at my former employer. With professional help and my wonderful life companion I took the first steps to grow and move forward. I owe them so much credit that I cannot express it in words.

As I was looking for new ways of working I came across Swiss Post’s job offer and decided to apply for a job as senior .NET developer. Already the first interview was very pleasant. The same was true for the second interview.
I think what struck me the most was the openness and flexibility: I had some clear preferences regarding my technology stack, part-time, home office, etc. and for each and every point it was a friendly and productive exchange of ideas - not some sort of cumbersome negotiation. And here I am working at Swiss Post!

And I didn’t regret it. I became part of a nice, humorous and appreciative team. We laugh a lot, there is a close relationship between Dev, Ops and the business specialists. And what is super important for me: the hierarchy is almost flat. Each and every one has the same value for the team. And we all pay it back with good ideas, being open-minded and a warm culture.

Of course, there are conflicts as well. Even after more than six years in Switzerland the different cultural backgrounds come to play every day. And of course we struggle with the intrinsic tech challenges in general.
But due to our team culture, we strive to address problems early and avoid that they get bigger and bigger.

If you ask me what I like the most: well, there are a couple of things 😅 but if I really only have to choose one thing, it’s working from home.
I have always felt that in no other industry you can work remotely as good as in tech - and I had a lot of arguing about that with former employers. The last months in the midst of a pandemic proved it: we can deliver high-valuable software in a timely manner and maintain a healthy team spirit.

Coming to an end I perfectly know that the “honeymoon phase” will never last forever. But I can honestly say that - beside the fact that there is always room for improvements 😉 - the working conditions have never been better in my career.

Thanks to all of you who had their share in supporting me through a (working) year that was way better than the three years before. Take care and happy new year!

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