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Running ASP.NET Core 6 within Docker on Raspberry Pi 4

Yesterday I’ve upgraded all of my personal projects to .NET 6 and I had some issues running them within Docker on my Raspberry Pi 4.

On my Windows 10 dev machine the upgrade worked smoothly. After a couple of minutes, I could run and debug each dockerized application.

As I pulled the new Docker images onto my Raspi running Debian Buster and tried to start the containers as before, nothing happened. Each container exited immediately without any error message. docker logs <<container ID>> returned nothing as well.

After filing a GitHub issue, mthalman gave me golden hint: the libseccomp package had to be updated. For this, the following steps were necessary:

  1. Add additional source repo for apt-get:
    sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list
    deb testing main
  2. Install the package update:
    sudo apt-get install libseccomp2/testing

After a final reboot I could successfully run my Docker containers based on .NET 6.

Maybe someone of you also has the same problem and this will help you.

Thanks for reading and take care!

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